Man Arrested Under Terror Laws For London Airport Evacuation

Photo: Via @icicle_music
A man has been arrested under terror laws on suspicion of using a noxious substance to cause serious damage, after the evacuation of London City Airport on Friday afternoon.

A 25-year-old man was arrested on Saturday at a home in east London, the London Metropolitan Police said. He was then taken to a police station in west London, reported the BBC.

Scotland Yard said the man has been released on bail until late November.

Police found a canister, thought to have been "a CS gay or spray", during a search of the airport on Friday afternoon, the BBC reported.

The Met said on Friday they were not treating it as a terrorist-related case, however the offence for which the unnamed man was charged – using a noxious substance to cause serious damage – falls under anti-terror laws.

Around 500 people were evacuated from the airport at 4pm after what was widely reported as a "chemical incident".

Twenty five people were treated at the scene for breathing difficulties and two casualties were taken to hospital, said the London Ambulance Service.

The airport was closed for three hours and all flights were postponed. Some incoming planes were diverted to other airports.

David Morris, 28, who was at the airport, told the BBC he "started to cough to the point I was not able to keep talking".

"It was getting quite bad and we saw other people starting to cough at the same time. The people behind the desk were coughing the most and quite aggressively," he added.

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