Everything You Need To Know About Laura Trott And Jason Kenny, Britain’s Golden Couple

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Laura Trott and Jason Kenny are the Brad and Angelina of the Olympics. The British track cyclists have won the nation’s hearts with their phenomenal success in the Rio velodrome. The golden couple (literally) have absolutely slayed this year's Games. Last night, Trott won gold in the women's omnium, adding to her gold in the women's team pursuit. About an hour later, her SO bagged gold in the men's keirin. He'd already won the men's sprint and men's team sprint. As of Wednesday morning, if the couple were a country they would sit 12th on the overall Rio Olympic medal table – ahead of Spain, Canada and Brazil. They have a whopping 10 gold medals between them. (Bet their home insurance is through the roof – so swings and roundabouts, eh?) The couple, who announced their engagement in 2014 and are due to get married in September, will go down in history as some of Team GB's most decorated Olympians of all time. Not bad for a couple still in their twenties (Trott is 24 and Kenny is 28!) Move over Posh and Becks, here's everything you need to know about the nation's new golden couple.

They Got Together Just Before The London Olympics

The couple reportedly began getting close in the run-up to the 2012 Games, Trott's first and Kenny's second Olympics. "The first time I knew something was happening between the two of them was when Jason phoned me up and said, 'I'm bringing Trotty home for a bacon butty,'" Kenny's mum Lorraine told the BBC. The Kenny family apparently took an instant liking to Trott, Lorraine said: "She's a girly girl, so I can talk make-up and clothes to her." The pair went public with their relationship during the London Games, kissing and giggling together in the stands.

They Show That Opposites Attract

Clearly they have similar determination, drive and a passion for sport, but hear us out. During last night's BBC cycling coverage, Sir Chris Hoy, a close friend of the couple, said the pair perfectly balance each other out. Trott, the more bubbly and outgoing of the pair, brings out the best in shy Kenny, while Kenny helps to calm Trott down before a race, Hoy said. Trott's dad Adrian told the BBC: "The difference in their characters is what makes it work for them. Until he gets to know you, Jason is a little bit shy. He's quiet and understated. Laura is bubbly, chatty, just as you see in her interviews." He added: "If they were both like Jason, God only knows how they'd talk about anything. And God forbid having two Lauras in a household!"
Photo: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images.

They Just Get Each Other

"If I was in a relationship with someone outside cycling, just imagine how hard it would be. I'd have to explain everything from scratch," Trott told the BBC. On TV last night she said she finds it more difficult watching Kenny than racing herself. They know how much blood, sweat and tears goes into every race the other competes in. “Having someone within the sport is huge because people in the outside world don’t get it,” Trott told the Evening Standard. “They don’t understand the fact that I can’t go out partying on Saturday evenings. "Obviously my career has gone through when I should be at university and a lot of my friends from my school, I never stayed connected... It was hard, people didn’t get it, whereas Jason gets it.”

They Are Super Low-Key

The couple reportedly like to unwind by walking their dogs, springer-poodle crosses called Pringle and Sprolo. Kenny apparently enjoys cooking roast dinners and they both love chilling out on the sofa after a hard day of training. Trott is a big Instagrammer, giving us a little insight into the pair's daily lives, and unlike Kenny, who avoids journalists, she engages with the press. But they don't actively court press attention, and have turned down an offer to have their wedding featured in a magazine. And that brings us to...

He's finally got rid of the moustache !! #finally

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Kenny Proposed During Eastenders

The couple are so low-key that even the marriage proposal was casual. They were reportedly chilling on the sofa in the cottage they share, just outside Knutsford in Cheshire, before Christmas, when he popped the question.

Their Kids Will Have A LOT To Live Up To

Last night, Trott sent Twitter into meltdown by hinting about the couple having kids. While we can't speculate when the pair might do so, in Kenny's post-race interview last night, he did say he'll have to think about whether he'll compete in the next Olympics because at that point he might be "settling down". Trott has said they want kids but she doesn’t know when, because her career comes first. “I don’t want to be pushed out of the sport, so whether it’s after Tokyo (in 2020) or the ones after that – I don’t want to draw a line because I love it too much,” she told the Evening Standard. She added: “Jess Ennis-Hill has shown it’s not too hard, but you need a good support system, and my mum and dad don’t even live here [up north] yet.”
So it might be a while off, but we're calling anyway – in 2036 all the track cycling golds will go to Kenny-Trott. Just you wait.

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