Terminally Ill Woman Prefaced Her Assisted Suicide With A Weekend-Long Party

Photo: Getty Images.
41-year-old Betsy Davis, who suffered from ALS, knew that she was going to die soon. But instead of making her death a sad event, she decided to celebrate her life before it ended. She was able to plan her death because of a law in California known as the "end of life" act, The Guardian reported. The new legislation, which went into effect in June, allows terminally ill people to take lethal drugs. California is the fifth state to allow assisted suicide. Davis, an artist, held a party during the weekend of July 23 in Ojai, CA. Over 30 of her friends came from all over the country. "We ate pizza and tamales," Davis's sister Kelly described the party in Voice of San Diego. "There was music, booze, and lots of photos. Under her guidance, I’d put sticky notes next to items around the house, explaining their significance. She invited everyone to 'take a Betsy souvenir' to remember her." After they left, Davis died on a nearby hillside. While it was hard for her friends and family to think about her death, Davis' sister wrote that they understood her decision. Davis wasn't able to work or perform everyday tasks and her speech had to be translated. Niels Alpert, another guest, agreed: “What Betsy did gave her the most beautiful death that any person could ever wish for.”

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