Swimming Pool Bans Women On Their Period

Photographed by Tayler Smith.
Women have been reportedly banned from swimming in a gym's pool while they are on their period. A sign in the women's changing rooms at the Vake Swimming Pool and Fitness Club in Tbilisi, Georgia, read: "Dear Ladies! Do not go to the pool during periods," ITV News reported. One gym member took to social media to express her outrage at the sign. Sophie Tabatadze posted an image of the sign on Facebook and accused the centre of misogyny. "Do you even realise how offensive this is?" she posted, before asking whether women would be eligible for a discount if they are forbidden from using the pool for up to six days each month. "And, by the way, since according to your rules we are not allowed to use a swimming pool 5-6 days each month, do we get a preferential price compared with men? ‪#‎mysogyny‬ ‪#‎mysogynyinaction‬ [sic]"
One Facebook commenter said the sign had been there for eight years.
Any woman with a period will know that wearing a tampon or menstrual cup while swimming is generally a seamless process and rarely results in leakage. Not to mention the fact that for many women, swimming is an effective and safe way to ease menstrual cramps and other pain caused by periods. However, responding to Tabatadze's allegations of sexism, the gym said it was "protecting" members after an incident in which a woman “contaminated” the pool with menstrual blood, ITV News reported.
Tabatadze said menstruation has "nothing to do with hygiene", adding that: "When you go into a public swimming pool you should accept certain level of germs. And since when are men exemplary clean creatures?" reported ITV News. Periods should be the least of our worries when it comes to swimming pool hygiene. According to research, the average person contributes at least 0.14 grams of "fecal matter" to the water, and tests show it's awash with sweat, urine and beauty products. Time to start saving for a personal swimming pool.

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