Marina Abramović Tells Press She Had 3 Abortions To Prioritise Making Art

Photo: Trago/WireImage/Getty Images.
World famous performance artist Marina Abramović told German publication Tagesspiegel that she has undergone three abortions for the sake of her career. Abramović explained that children would have been a "disaster" for her art, because “you only have so much energy in your body and [with kids] I would have to share it." She also expressed that having no children has left her "free"; “I am the artwork. I can’t send a painting, so I send myself…" she said, as reported by The Independent.
Over a five decade career, Abramović has risen to be one of the most in-demand artists of our time, with huge, sell-out solo shows at New York's Museum of Modern Art and London's Serpentine Gallery. Her work is notoriously controversial; she's suffocated herself on stage, invited audience members to physically harm her body, and completed a 512-hour durational performance. You can see how all of this might be draining enough, without a clan of kids to look after. However, the internet is not taking kindly to Abramović's admission. One reader commented on the Independent article: "What a deluded, self centred little madam. Performance artist..? Your body is not a piece of art, its just a body like we all have, what is so special about yours?? I doubt the world is a greater place by you showing yours. [...] As for your abortions, well that is everyone's right. But if you have no intention of having a child, make sure you don't get yourself in that predicament in the first place x 3." In defence of her statement that the abortions were to allow for freedom to work, Abramović was quick to point out in the interview with Tagesspiegel her belief that not having to look after children is the key to male artistic success. "It's simple: love, family, children – a woman does not want to sacrifice all of that," she said. “That is my view on the reason that women in the art world are not as successful as men. There are plenty of talented women. Why do men take all the important positions?"

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