This Woman Married Her Twitter Crush

Twitter is swooning over the story of a modern-day fairytale romance that started on the social media site. A courtship tale that could melt even the steeliest hearts, it all began in 2012 when Victoria, a data analyst for a theatre in London, noticed that the Oxford Street branch of Waterstones had a rather unique – and slightly weird – Twitter persona. Short stories about the Waterstones apostrophe and a “social media spirit animal” particularly made her laugh. And so, nonchalantly, she told the world that she was “in love with” the person running the account. Waterstones Oxford Street then sent a humble reply.
Which only stoked the flames of affection in Victoria’s heart.
Then a friend of Victoria’s dared her to go on a date with the “Oxford Street guy”, who turned out to be social media aficionado Jonathan, who now does social media for Innocent drinks. To say their first date, at a London cocktail bar, went well would be an understatement. “He brought out a book he knew I'd like, what with him being a seasoned bookseller and all, and it went easily from there,” Victoria told Refinery29. “We haven't stopped talking since!” Two months after their first date, they were together and the transition from a URL to IRL was seamless. “It's all been so easy!” said Victoria. And four years after that, on the 8th of July, they were married at Islington Town Hall, London. “Dear reader, I married him #noreally #yeahidunnohoweither,” Victoria tweeted recently.
Considering online flirtation worked out so well for them, we asked the couple if they had any tips for anyone trying to hook up with an object of online affection. “Obviously be careful, I think we were lucky,” said Victoria. “It was a bit reckless meeting a stranger, but it was in a public bookshop and I at least knew his full name.” “I do believe Twitter is a fantastic way of getting to know someone's outlook and humour,” she added. “I knew we'd get on even before we really met.” As if we needed an excuse to spend more time online.

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