How To Tell When It’s Time To Stop Drinking During A Night Out

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There are wristbands that can do everything, from tracking your exercise to telling you when you're sunburned. Now, there's even one that'll tell you how drunk you are, according to New York Magazine. The new device, BACtrack Skyn, contains a sensor that detects ethanol molecules, which your skin releases when you drink. It's no secret that as you consume alcohol, your judgement goes — including your judgment of how drunk you're getting. So, when you're out drinking, you can check the band to see an up-to-date reading of your blood alcohol concentration. You can also look at a chart that shows how it's changing over time. But even if you don't think to check the band, you can program it to send notifications when you've reached a certain BAC. BACtrack also makes breathalysers that connect to smartphone apps. This new, breathalyser-free wristband won first place in the National Institute of Health's Wearable Alcohol Biosensor Challenge. "We’re excited to bring BACtrack Skyn to market to aid researchers and treatment providers in collecting more reliable data and ultimately, make advances in healthcare treatment,” BACtrack President and CEO Keith Nothacker said in a press release. The device isn't for sale yet, but you can sign up on its website to be one of the first to know when it's available.

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