Moto Guo Used Models With Acne At Milan Men’s Fashion Week

We're often told to embrace our curves and unique features, but rarely are we taught to accept our acne. Even as body positivity has infiltrated the fashion world, this remains one of the few traits that's still stigmatised. Malaysian fashion designer Moto Guo, however, broke that taboo at Milan Men's Fashion Week. His "Picnic in the Society" exhibit featured both male and female models with visible acne, The Daily Mail reported. It looks like the condition was not covered up or maybe even enhanced through makeup.
The collection is also notable for its gender-bending, with men in lace, ribbons, and women's bathing suits.
Guo's known for stretching what's acceptable in fashion. Through this particular collection, he completely shattered all distinctions between men's and women's clothes. And through his choice of models and makeup (or lack thereof), he gave representation to a condition most of us have experienced at some point yet few of us see in the media.

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