What It’s Like To Be A “Leftover” Woman In China

Photo: Courtesy of SK11.
Stubborn. Picky. Leftover. Those are just a few of the painful words used to describe single women in China who reach their late 20s without finding a spouse. These urban twentsomethings, who are called shengnu, or "leftover women," face pressure and stigma from family and friends starting as young as 27. Now, a moving new video from skin-care brand SK-ll is calling attention to the heartbreaking challenges these women face. “You become a subject that people talk about and you get so much social pressure,” one woman featured in the campaign says. “People think that in Chinese society, an unmarried woman is incomplete," another laments. The video, part of the line's #ChangeDestiny campaign, gives single women in China the chance to voice their feelings on the cultural and familial expectations they face — and send a powerful message about love and marriage you won't want to miss. Watch the full piece below:

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