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Star Wars: The Force Awakens on its way to break more records

According to Variety, in just 13 days, the movie has nearly topped the list of US domestic grosses, having made $1.16 billion so far; the fanchise is trailing behind Avatar at $760 million, Titanic at $658 million, Jurassic World at $652 million and The Avengers at $623 million. Read more.

Storm Frank hits the UK

The North of England is braced for more flooding as storm Frank batters the British Isles with torrential rain and gale-force winds. Four severe flood warnings, indicating danger to life, are in place in England and Wales. Read more.

British schoolboys who stole artefacts from Auschwitz face trail

Marcus Dell and Ben Thompson were arrested in June during a school trip to southern Poland after pocketing items which included a rusted hair clipper and glass fragments. Initially they were fined but Polish prosecutors today say the pair have changed their minds and will now face a trial, the maximum penalty for the crime is a 10-year prison sentence. Read more.

Minister Oliver Letwin forced to apologise over release of archived documents that show racist attitude towards black rioters

One of David Cameron’s most influential ministers has apologised “unreservedly" following the release of government papers kept secret for 30 years. In a briefing to Mrs Thatcher written while he was a Downing Street aide in 1985 he suggested that a scheme to encourage black entrepreneurs would only result in them investing in “discos and drugs”. Read more.

Husband charged in care home murder

Ronald King, 86, is being charged with killing his wife Rita King, 81, in an Essex care home. Rita King was suffering from dementia. Read more.

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