Here’s How Your Horoscope Could Sabotage You At Work (& What To Do About It)

illustrated by Hannah Minn.
Have you ever left work thinking about all the things you did that day and found yourself wondering, “Why am I like this?” If you have, the stars and planets may have an answer for you.
With each astrological sign come different tendencies, both positive and negative. And while some can make you a great employee, others have the potential to trip you up at work. Luckily, with a little bit of self-awareness and effort, it's easy to overcome the counterproductive tendencies and lean into the ones that make you great.
Though it might seem sexier to focus on things like love horoscopes and compatibility, you likely spend most of your waking hours at work, and your performance there can have a big impact on your quality of life. So it's important to consider the ways that astrology could affect your professional life just as much as your personal one.
Ahead, we've put together a list of potential workplace pitfalls for each astrological sign. Though these horoscopes are based on your sun sign (which is most likely the sign you already know, as it corresponds to the month-long timeframe within which you were born), it wouldn't hurt to check out your moon sign and rising sign, too.
A quick refresher: The sun sign informs your ego and identity, while the moon sign has to do with the emotional and interior self. The rising sign informs how you interact with the outside world, as well as how you’re perceived by others. Naturally, all three are important to your professional life.
If you've ever worried about how you might be coming off at work or want to reflect on how you can be a better coworker, boss, or employee, then read on to learn about your sign's potential challenges — and how to deal with them.

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