‘Vacation Vibes’ Is The Carefree Beauty Trend We’ve Been Craving

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Many of us have still not managed to get away on that post-pandemic vacation we've been craving. But that doesn't mean we can't wistfully daydream of OOO emails and late summer days on pristine beaches.
With New York Fashion Week in full swing, there's plenty of runway beauty worth mining for inspiration, as we look forward to spring.
This year, instead of the bold graphic eyes and dark lips we've been seeing on repeat, the spring-ready runways all seemed to home in on a particular look: vacation vibes.
The beauty equivalent of TikTok's 'Coconut Girl' fashion aesthetic, vacation beauty calls for a carefree approach to our hair and makeup, channelling your inner vacationer with sunkissed skin and 'don't care' hair — two trends we can definitely get on board with after the year we've had. Read on for our favourite runway looks courtesy of New York Fashion Week.
At Proenza Schouler, hair was kept flowing and breezy, with partings haphazardly lined, while on faces it was all about high-impact blush, natural brows and swipe of lip tint.
Ulla Johnson made a case for the new beach wave, a style that boasts brushed out ringlets and embraces all the frizz and texture of salty vacation hair. Colour us inspired to swap out our blowdryers this season for some sea salt spray — a bottle easy to carry around with the triple handbag trend also spotted as part of the collection.
Trust Prabal Gurang to not skimp on the glamour. With packed on blush, honey-hued gloss and a swipe of shimmer (or even just lip balm for a dewy effect) on the lids, these looks show us how to take this sunny beauty trend to night.
Peter Do proved that wet look hair isn't going anywhere. But instead of the usual slicked-back styles we've known, this season we're shaking it up for a more imperfect look. All you need is some gel and a paddle brush and you've got yourself the ultimate summer evening look.
Collina Strada's stunningly diverse models were the epitome of cool with their streaked flowing locks and luminous, bronzed skin. But what really drew us in was the presence of the bleached brow trend we've been eyeing off as of late. But if you're not quite ready to plunge into the deep end this season, TikTok's faux bleached brow hack has you covered.

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