9 Beverage Experts On Cocktail Trends We Saw Everywhere This Summer

Photo: Getty Images.
For the past several summers, frosé has been the drink on everyone's lips. Restaurants and bars everywhere have their own takes on the frozen rosé drink, from simple strawberry or lemon juice-infused versions to the most over-the-top interpretation piled high with sweets, and everything in between. Well, no offence to frosé, but the magic has started to wane. It was bound to happen with time. This summer, we're looking for a new drink trend, something that will make us feel the way we did the very first time we slurped down frosé — a cocktail that's as refreshing, delicious, and yes, Instagram-worthy as the icy-cold, pink favourite of summers past.
As part of our quest, we reached out to bartenders for their insights into what drinks former frosé lovers will be obsessing over in the coming months. Ahead, find all the warm-weather beverage trends they've been noticing, including frozen cocktails, spritzes, and something called a "schappsicle."

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