I Got A Pastel Pink Hair Makeover — & This Is What I Look Like Now

We've seen enough expertly-laid wigs to know that they're a gift from the beauty heavens. Not only will a good wig come in clutch when you want to take a vacation from styling your hair, but they also allow countless opportunities to try a different look sans commitment.
Asia Rice, the star of our latest episode of Hair Me Out, is no stranger to wearing wigs, but her most recent style is different. "Interesting would be a really good word to describe my hair journey," she says. "Having short hair has taught me to accept and love myself in the rawest form." 
After a few years of colouring her natural hair, Rice chopped off the damage in an effort to start all over. "I love my hair underneath my wig, but I just don't want to do it all the time," she added. So she enlisted the help of celebrity hairstylist Alonzo Arnold to create and install a faded, baby pink wig. After hours of custom dyeing, drying, and styling, Rice's dream of having pastel pink hair became a reality. Press play to see her transformation.

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