Your Love Horoscope For 2019 Is Here

illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Happy New Year, Stargazers. Whether you’re single or coupled up, 2019 will be overflowing with romantic energy. Venus — the planet of love and pleasure — is direct all year long which means that you’ll experience her vibrant vibe as she passes through the all twelve houses of the zodiac, and makes a second trip through four. But that doesn’t mean all will be calm and majestic because Jupiter, the planet of luck squares against Neptune three times this year, which might encourage you to set unrealistic expectations in your relationships. You’ll want to watch out for January 13, June 16, and September 21. If you can resist the temptation to set those lofty goals for your partners, Jupiter will inspire everyone while he inhabits his own sign of Sagittarius until December 3. It’s a great year to travel and potentially have a romantic rendezvous in a different country.
Meanwhile, Uranus will help some of us overcome relationship obstacles by bringing clarity to situations that might be a little confusing. And if you’re worried about misunderstandings, you should know that there are three Mercury retrogrades this year. Remember to move slowly and communicate carefully on the following days: March 5 -28, July 7 - 31, and October 31 - November 20.
Ahead, you’ll find a little romantic advice for every sign. Get ready for a year filled with love!

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