The New Kindle Paperwhite Almost Feels Better Than Reading A Real Book

If you're reading this, then you're likely A) a seasoned Kindle user, B) Kindle-curious, or C) an early holiday gifter. I was option B: absolutely brand new to the Kindle but curious about the experience. I devoured books every few days in high school. I'd read on my iPad, my computer, even my iPod (remember those?); anything that would get a novel into my brain when I couldn't find the physical copy of a book. Now, as an adult who's moved to Brooklyn, I usually stick with physical books, but the real estate they take up in my tiny apartment is becoming a problem. And, traveling with books is just not a good time — especially when you get bored easily and want to switch up from reading a novel to a graphic novel. When I get off from work, the last thing I want to do is keep looking at my laptop or any other headache-inducing screen, so the iPad was out. I decided it was finally time to try a proper e-reader and, as fate would have it, the new Kindle Paperwhite with an even larger screen had just debuted — and I secured one for first-hand testing. Read along below.
The Kindle Paperwhite launched in three different options: the Paperwhite Signature with 32GB, no ads, and wireless charging; the Paperwhite with 8GB, with the option of ad-supported or without ads; and lastly, the Paperwhite Kids version (for all the book-loving little ones in your life). They all feature a 6.8-inch display, an updated 10-week battery life, USB-C charging, and adjustable warm light to seamlessly switch from daylight to nighttime reading.

I was sent the Signature Kindle, and right away I could tell how different this was from just reading on the iPad or any other tablet. The screen looks like paper. I'm not kidding. It doesn't feel or look like a screen at all. It's also incredibly, ridiculously lightweight. I can't compare it to older Kindle models, but the upgraded 6.9-inch screen feels like just the right size. The battery life more than lasted my almost 4-hour trip. It's been a day and it's still on 91%. When it's on rest mode, the screen displays the book cover of what you're currently reading, which is very cute.

Of course, I still had some criticisms. While the Kindle is great for reading text-based books, and some graphic novels (like manga), it's not great when it comes to comic books or graphic novels that rely on colour, as the screen only displays in black and white. There was a moment when reading a graphic novel that the screen froze and I had to restart it. But that only happened once, so I'll forgive the little bug. The other negative aspect is that highlighting capabilities can only be done with Wi-Fi, which isn't a big deal unless you're traveling and have to be offline.

All in all, though, I am beyond happy with my new Kindle. I feel excited about reading again! While there's an undeniable joy in going to the bookstore and picking up a physical book, that feeling has never helped me actually sit down and read it. The Kindle has achieved that, and I cannot recommend it enough.
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