The Spring-Friendly Flower Tattoos You Should Get This Season

Photographed by Beth Sacca.
Florals for spring — so groundbreaking, right? Well, no, but there's nothing more symbolic of the season than flowers. After all, the equinox is known as a period of new growth and, most importantly, better weather, which means pretty daffodils and tulips have a chance to bloom again. With spring officially upon us, it's also time for flora-inspired tattoos to take centre stage.
If you're looking for tattoo ideas for spring, look no further than the nearest garden — whether it's right in your front yard or in a public park 15 city blocks away. Just in case you need some extra inspiration, we dug up some of the best floral tattoos on our Instagram feeds right now. Check out everything from geometric petals to watercolour ink, ahead.

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