It’s Inescapably Zucchini Season – Here Are 7 Recipes To Use Them Up

Photo courtesy of Minimalist Baker.
You're not imagining it: zucchinis are everywhere. Whether you signed up to a CSA box and have been inundated by cucumber's tougher cousin or you somehow find them in your basket at the supermarket, it is inescapably zucchini season.
What to do with this overabundance of green marrows? While it's easy to get stuck for ideas, the beautiful thing about zucchinis is how versatile they can be – you just have to be a bit creative. With the right treatment you can have your (zucchini) cake and eat it... or fritters... or fries... or even pie!
Here are some of our favourite recipes to inspire you and help you use up the wealth of zucchini that seems to have appeared in your fridge.

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