These Trends Will Be Everywhere In 2020, According To Fashion People

Name a 2019 fashion trend and I’ve tried it on for size. My closet runneth over with dad shoes, a black bucket hat became my favourite bad-hair day accessory, and I even had a brief, failed, relationship with bike shorts. (My take: If you wore a trend the first time around — bike shorts were my Grade 2 go-to circa '92 — it’s near-impossible to pull off two decades later. Trust.)
In the interest in shopping smarter in 2020, I decided to go straight to the source(s): I’ve asked some of Canada’s top fashion minds to find out what they’re loving and what they’re over. After all, it’s more than time that we get a bit choosier about what we’re buying.
We spoke to eight of Canada’s leading designers, stylists, and fashion insiders to find out the 2020 trends on their “to-buy” list — and what they are totally over. One thing they all agree on? The tiny bag trend. Is. Done. (Sorry, Jacquemus.)

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