Canadian Celebs Weigh In On The Federal Election

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Barack Obama (Team Trudeau) and Rihanna (Team Singh...we think) weren’t the only celebs to have their say about the 2019 Canadian federal election. (ICYMI: Obama endorsed the “hard-working, effective” current PM, while Rihanna started followed Singh on Instagram.) Plenty of Canadian celebrities also shouted out their favourite candidates, or encouraged Canadians to vote in the polls today.

Ryan Reynolds stans Trudeau

Vancouver-born Ryan Reynolds tweeted a photo of himself, his wife Blake Lively, and their newborn daughter, in a lush Canadian forest, writing, “I love B.C. I want my daughters to experience the same natural playground I grew up in.” The Canadian actor pointed out his satisfaction with the progress made combatting climate change during Trudeau’s tenure. With climate change the second-most important issue for Canadian women this election, according to a Refinery29 survey of 1,000 women, it seems like Trudeau’s got a friend in Reynolds.

Pamela Anderson Goes Green

Fellow B.C. native and noted activist Pamela Anderson tweeted a video of herself in response to campaign ads she received in the mail. Anderson described the ads as “nasty American-style politics” and applauded the Green Party for talking about the real issues and not getting “into these smear campaigns attacking people.”

Rupi Kaur Supports Singh

Across the country, Canadian poet Rupi Kaur spoke at an NDP rally in Brampton, Ont. last week. In a post on Instagram, she credited Singh for being the “one person who didn’t write her off as a nobody” prior to her success as an artist. One of Drake’s producers, Noah “40” Shebib was also in attendance at the rally, noting “Jagmeet is an inspirational leader — straight up."
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@jagmeetsingh makes people feel seen. i met him ten years ago when i first began performing poetry and became a community organizer. i remember how difficult it was for me to be in this new space where no one knew me. i constantly felt invisible. but jagmeet walked right up to me ten years ago and welcomed me with open arms. he made me feel seen. cause he truly believes we all deserve to be. that is his superpower. jagmeet isn’t interested in the shiniest person in the room. he’s interested in everybody. he’s interested in the people standing at the back of a room all by themselves. the ones who have a lot to say - but are too afraid to say it. or don’t have the platform to say it. whether you’re the person in the fancy suit running the show. or you’re the person taking out the garbage after a long night of work. jagmeet will see you. no matter what colour. age. gender. or class. i have been lucky enough to have his mentorship as i grew from teenager to woman. and i often get asked: how was jagmeet before he got into politics? was he always this engaged and interested in the people? and i’m so proud to tell them: yes. he has been this way for as long as i can remember. jagmeet doesn’t know how to be anything other than real. time has passed but his politics haven’t wavered. they have further cemented. and that is why it gives me so much joy to endorse my brother jagmeet singh as canada’s next prime minister. jagmeet - when you approached me that day ten years ago. at a time when most people wrote me off as a nobody. you came over to show me i belonged. that we are all connected. that when one rises - we all rise. when one suffers - we all suffer. i knew from that day you were going to change the world.

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Not all of the celebrity engagement has been positive for the federal candidates. The Affair star Joshua Jackson tweeted that Trudeau should “enjoy a contemplative retirement." Lilly Singh, meanwhile, removed Trudeau from the lineup of her new late-night show in the wake of Trudeau’s blackface photos. Trudeau was expected to appear in a comedy clip that was pre-recorded for the show. The tweet promoting the video with Trudeau has since been deleted and there are no plans to invite him again.

Nina Dobrev Just Wants You To Vote

Regardless of who you plan to vote for, the most important thing is to get out and vote, Toronto native Nina Dobrev told Refinery29. “I have faith in a younger generation that is stepping up and making their voices of inclusion, our most Canadian trait, heard,” she said. “As a country filled with some of the most beautiful natural wonders on earth, Canadians should be the guardians of the environment. We can put the environment ahead of special interest groups while creating new jobs and opportunities for generations to come. Young Canadians know this — and they also know that, without their voices, they will be figuring out how to clean up the effects of ineffectual and poor policy. I am so excited about the strong, new voices we are hearing everyday and to see the impact they will have at the ballot box and beyond election day.”
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