Exclusive Survey: Inside The Minds Of 1,000 Canadian Women Voters

A Refinery29 Canada poll reveals what matters most to women this election, and how they really feel about Justin Trudeau’s leadership.

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Canadian women are ready to be heard. In the 2015 election, women — especially millennial women voters — came out to the polls in droves, and in 2019 there’s wayyyy more where that came from. According to a new Refinery29 survey of 1,022 Canadian women, 72% said they would “definitely” be voting on Oct. 21. (Eighty-nine percent of voters aged 18-35 said they would “definitely” or “likely” vote.)
Maybe we’re feeling galvanized because we're worried about the influence of the U.S. on Canadian politics, especially when it comes to abortion access. Or it could be that we aren't happy with what our self-declared feminist prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has accomplished over the past four years — 45% of our respondents said his government has had no effect on women. Or perhaps we finally want the issues we’re most concerned about — the cost of living (28%), climate change (18%), and the economy and jobs (17%) — to be top of mind for whichever party comes to power.
Regardless of the (multitude) of reasons we’re heading to the ballot box, the most important thing, for any Canadian, is that we flex our democratic muscles and cast our vote. We hope the conversation our survey starts will help you with the decision ahead. See you on Oct. 21.

Here, the full results of our 2019 election survey:

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