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Don’t Miss Out On These Limited-Edition Andy Warhol-Inspired Soup Cans

When we think about Andy Warhol's legacy, a few images come to mind: the artist's famed New York studio, The Factory; his instantly recognizable transparent glasses and white hair; and, of course, his pop art creations — most notably, his screen-printed Campbell's® soup cans.
To celebrate 60 years since Warhol first drew a Campbell’s soup can, the lasting impact of pop art, and the importance of making art accessible to everyone, Campbell Canada has partnered with The Andy Warhol Foundation for a limited-edition run of soup cans inspired by the artist himself. "Andy Warhol changed the trajectory of contemporary art by depicting Campbell's soup cans on canvas," says Michael Dayton Hermann, Director of Licensing, Marketing, and Sales at The Andy Warhol Foundation. "It is only fitting that we pay tribute to the enduring legacy of these two icons by coming full circle and bringing his art back to the Campbell's soup cans that provided him with inspiration."
This spring and throughout summer, you'll find Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom and Tomato Soup flavours with four different bright, bold, Andy Warhol-inspired label designs at key retailers across Canada.
To kick off the partnership, Campbell challenged content creators across the country to make their own original pop art inspired by the cans, highlighting just how much joy art can bring into your daily life and honoring Warhol's belief that "Pop art is for everyone."
“Finally, two of my favourite things in this world (food & art) have come together to brighten my day and add some fun into my life. The POP of colour acts as a constant reminder to find art and beauty in everything around me,” says Jacqueline Poirier, one of the artists for the campaign. Other creators have incorporated the cans into their living spaces to help brighten their days.
“People always ask us about ways to style their home to help stay motivated, creative and happy and we’ve found that the best way is to surround ourselves with colour and art that makes us happy. We keep the cans lined up on a display shelf and it makes me so happy every time I see them,” says Nina Huynh, another creator for the campaign.
Ahead, see what they came up with, and look out for the cans at key retailers across Canada so you can create your own Warhol-inspired masterpiece.
"Campbell's Condensed Soup and Andy Warhol's artwork are inextricably linked in the history of pop art," says Campbell Corporate Archivist Scott Hearn. "Warhol is said to have created his Campbell's-inspired works because he enjoyed eating the soup every day. We hope this collaboration will bring that same joy to our consumers and spark inspiration in a new generation of artists." 
To see more examples of artists and creators taking a colourful approach to the cans, check out #CampbellsxWarhol on Instagram. 

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