9 Canadian Women On What It’s Like To Get The COVID Vaccine

There’s *finally* some good vaccine news for Canadians: The government has approved four vaccines, shipments on are on the way, and it looks like a whole lot of us could be immunized by summer. Many people are still waiting to book our appointments for the first dose, though, and are wondering what it'll be like to actually get vaccinated. Where will we go? What will it feel like? Will the side effects be bad?
A September 2020 study from Statistics Canada found that 75% of Canadians said they would be likely or somewhat likely to get the vaccine. And, as more people get vaccinated, public trust in the vaccines is growing. As Elizabeth, a nurse from Halifax, tells Refinery29: “Think about all of the emergency doctors and ICU physicians who stepped up and got it first. If those super-intelligent people were confident enough in the vaccine to go out and get it, then I absolutely am.”
The Public Health Agency Of Canada has released information that can help answer some of these questions — but it's even better to hear about what getting vaccinated is like from people who have actually received their first (and in some cases, second) dose.
Here, nine women from across Canada share their experiences, from making an appointment to dealing with the after-effects.
These interviews have been condensed for clarity and length. Some names have been changed.

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