Mercury Is In Capricorn, & It’s Time To Reflect On 2020

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.
It's been a loooong year. And for Mercury's final dance, the Planet of Communication will move into reflective Capricorn from December 20 to January 8. One thing's for sure: Things are getting serious.
"Mercury in Capricorn will bring us down to Earth in terms of our thinking, speaking, and all communication," explains Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at "While Mercury was in Sagittarius, our planning and communication was big, grand, and bold. Now, we can take the ideas and plans we came up with over the past three weeks and turn them into reality." Whether it's something at work or in your personal lives, now's the perfect time to hit the ground running with your expansive plans to start the New Year off fresh.
Stephanie Powell, head of content for, says Mercury's move into Capricorn will encourage us to spend time looking ahead. "We’ll find that we may be having more deep conversations or begin to think more seriously about the long-term in a tangible and constructive way," she explains. "We may even be hit with some inspiration on December 25, as Mercury in Capricorn will form a gentle trine aspect with Uranus in Taurus." Powell says that Uranus’s energy usually brings about swift change, but when it meets another planet in a softer aspect (like it will this month) it can manifest as innovation and breakthroughs.
We'll be feeling extra-motivated to make our dreams come true, says astrologer Lisa Stardust. "Mars and Pluto connect with Mercury during the next few weeks, pushing us to express our feelings to others — or just to understand them more deeply ourselves," she says. But Mercury in Capricorn's vibes will also make us a little more reserved when it comes to dishing about others' feelings. "We'll want to limit the amount of tea we share with everyone, as Capricorn isn’t known for oversharing." Instead of being concerned with others' business, this transit will make us feel reflective — not uncommon as we're turning our calendars to a new year.
Capricorn has a reputation as being a stern sign, and that energy sets us up for success over the holidays, especially if you tend to get many probing questions — "When are you going to buy a house?" "Are you still single?" "What’s your next career move?" — from family, Powell says. "Mercury in Capricorn will equip us with the tact and skill to answer concisely without becoming overly emotional or irritated," she says. You might not offer up a ton of small talk, but you'll have short, succinct answers ready — and more importantly, you'll get out of the convo unscathed.
All in all, while Mercury in Capricorn can often feel like quietly serious transit, this energy could very well be what helps us land on our feet as we enter into the New Year. There's a clear path to 2021 ahead now — all you have to do is move forward.

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