Your Horoscope This Week

Our softer sides are making an appearance on Monday, as messenger Mercury forms a trine with dreamy Neptune in retrograde. We’re able to tap into our creative talents as these planets complement each other. Take every opportunity to explore new ideas and grow during this favourable transit.
We can ride out the week with relative ease, but our tone may become a little more severe on Friday, as intellectual Mercury creates a sextile with power-seeking Pluto. We can take advantage of this powerful energy by focusing on executing projects, honing our elevator pitch, or studying up on fascinating new subjects. We may be seeking a little thrill in love that day as well, since flirtatious Venus will oppose dynamic Uranus. The transit could inspire us to begin chatting up a new romantic interest online, or mix things up with our regular partner. Another way to scratch that passionate itch is to plan another kind of adventure, such as taking a last-minute day trip or challenging ourselves by trying a new physical activity.
Happily, we’re more than ready to shake off that heavy energy we’ve all been shouldering lately. On Saturday, imaginative Neptune stations direct in sensitive Pisces. While the planet of dreams and illusions was moving in reverse, we were exposed to some harsh realities that needed facing. But as Neptune changes course, we’re treated to a sense of whimsy and a burst of creativity. We can enjoy, but should continue to stay present and keep these essential lessons we learned close to our hearts. Social Mercury forms a sextile with lucky Jupiter on Saturday, furthering the sense of ease we feel and creating an optimistic atmosphere. We’re in the mood to help others succeed, making it the perfect transit to try to make headway on a personal passion project, or to reach out to friends and family. 

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