Ashley Benson’s Post-Breakup Hair Makeover Is Perfect For Summer

Photo: Getty Images.
A couple months of quarantine stir-craziness is enough to make anyone want to experiment with their hair — which we've clearly seen happen with numerous celebrities. Add a rumored breakup into the mix and you have a recipe for a major hair change, as exemplified by Ashley Benson, who just debuted an entirely new look on Instagram after her alleged split from Cara Delevingne.
Three weeks since it was first reported that Benson and Delevingne ended their relationship after nearly two years, the Pretty Little Liars actress traded in her dark blonde lob for lighter, waist-length extensions. Benson gave a peek at the transformation on her Instagram Stories over Memorial Day weekend, tagging celebrity hair-extension expert Violet Teriti and hairstylist Chandlar Vandersteen.
Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Benson Instagram
With hair salons still shut down in the Los Angeles area amid the pandemic, this transformation was likely pulled off during a house call — though it's also possible that Vandersteen coached Benson to put in the hair extensions over video chat, not unlike Miley Cyrus' Facetime haircut with her go-to stylist.
However Benson and her pros made it happen (hopefully safely), this light-blonde colour and mermaid length is the perfect post-breakup makeover, and even more so as we officially enter summer. We already know that Benson isn't afraid to experiment with different looks, so perhaps her new relationship status could eventually inspire her to go light pink like the rest of Hollywood... or even shorter than ever. The possibilities are endless when you've just survived a mid-pandemic public split with summer on the horizon.

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