Quarantine Boredom Is Hitting Kylie Jenner In The Form Of Twerking & TikTok Videos

Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images.
When you’re under government-mandated self-isolation, you have to find new ways to keep yourself entertained. For me, it’s been a mix of binge-watching Netflix’s top ten and falling back into my old high school gaming habits — don’t ask. For Kylie Jenner, it’s posting daily on TikTok. And, to the surprise of no one, she’s very good at it.
Jenner pulled from the expansive Keeping Up with the Kardashians kanon to re-enact some of the quirkiest moments on the show for her seven million followers on the app. She recruited Kris Jenner as her acting partner for the now-classic ABCDEFG scene between Kourtney Kardashian and ex-boyfriend Scott Disick, and even best friend Stassie Karanikolau was roped into the TikTok shenangans.
But Jenner’s TikToks weren’t just re-enactments from her family history. There was also some twerking, set to the tune of Megan thee Stallion's 2020 anthem. The Kylie Cosmetics CEO and Karanikolau tried their hand at the "Savage" challenge. Well, kind of.
The song that the best friends were dancing to was actually TikToker Caleb Jaxin's (@calebjaxin) Tiger King-themed remix of the song, with lyrics changed to describe the running conspiracy theory that Carole Baskin was behind her husband's disappearance, thanks to a little sardine oil.
Granted, Jenner and Karanikolau are a few weeks too late to the "Savage" challenge — people are doing the "Toosie Slide" with basketballs now, you guys — but at least they're keeping busy during quarantine. To each their own.

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