Struggling With Dry January? These Memes Show Us Why It’s Not For Everyone

Photo: IKvyatkovskaya/Getty.
We fully support living your best life in 2020. For some, that means trying out Dry January, a month-long sobriety challenge to kick off the new year. With a growing “sober-curious” movement and the rising popularity of alcohol-free beverages, some people find this is the perfect time to turn a new leaf and temporarily swear off that happy hour drink.
On the other hand, though, some people have found this is the perfect time to do the exact opposite. If you haven’t been on social media in these first few days of 2020 (honestly, good for you), you might have missed an overwhelming amount of very stressful news crammed into a very short period of time: Roe v. Wade faces a new threat, wildfires continue to rage through Australia, and a U.S. airstrike killed a high-ranking Iranian official, which may or may not lead to retaliation by Iran, The New York Times reports. 
Some social media users saw the headlines as a good reason to forego Dry January. Others simply like wine too much, which, same. Either way, the internet approached their new year drinking with the expected memes and dry humour.
No digs against Dry January, of course. Sobriety isn’t just a wellness trend; it’s also a chance to check in with yourself and ease into practicing mindful drinking. Or even make a bigger choice – to quit entirely if drinking is a problem for you.
Even if Dry January is not in the cards this time around, there’s always a chance to try out the alcohol-free lifestyle later — no guarantees that the news cycle will be any easier, though. How about Sober October?

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