These Inspiring Songs Will Get You Going Every Time

Our moods are shaped by the music we listen to. If you're feeling down in the dumps and then listen to Joni Mitchell, odds are, you won't be coming out from under the covers that day. But what if you listen to empowering, upbeat songs instead? Everyone should have a inspiring playlist they deploy specifically when they're feeling glum — or when they're already in great moods.
That's where this round-up comes in. The songs on the list are begging to be blasted at full volume. They're dying to be belted. In fact, one could argue that it's necessary to listen to these songs so loud the neighbors call to complain, and sing them with all your heart. That way, all of their uplifting chords and inspirational lyrics make their way into your spirit.
You'll be humming the choruses all day. Just try not to feel inspired, we dare you.

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