There’s Already A Taylor Swift Theory About Harry Styles’ New Album

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
As the world waits for Harry Styles’ next album, a theory about his ex-girlfriend is taking shape. The fans want to know if the release date of Styles’ latest LP is all about Taylor Swift. 
Styles is gearing up to release his new album, Fine Line, on December 13, 2019. That date happens to be Swift’s 30th birthday — a pretty big milestone. Fans on Twitter, who clearly have not forgotten Haylor, lost their minds while theorizing that Styles was sending a message to either them or just straight-up to Swift herself — though no one can quite decipher what the alleged message is. 

Swift and Styles have a long romantic history, though how much dating they actually did, versus how much fans talked about them dating, is up for debate. We know that in December of 2012, Swift and Styles were spotted out together in Central Park, after months of rumours that they were dating after meeting in March at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Swift was spotted wearing what appeared to be Styles’ paper airplane necklace, which she later referenced in the 1989 track “Out of the Woods.” 

Much of Swift’s 1989, which was released in October of 2014, was seemingly about Styles, most obviously the single “Style.” In the song, Swift sang of a beau’s “long hair, slicked back” and “white t-shirt,” and well as her own “red lips.” In May of 2017, Styles seemed to reference the lyrics of “Style” in his track “Two Ghosts,” singing: “Same red lips, same eyes blue/Same white shirt, couple more tattoos.” It was almost as subtle as titling the song “Swift.” 
Alas, that was years ago, and Swift’s latest album Lover seems far more focused on her new relationship with Joe Alwyn than it does revisiting loves of the past. A rep for Styles has no comment on the fan speculation about Fine Line’s release date. Refinery29 reached out to a representative for Swift for comment.
Styles may not even know Swift’s birthday, considering they dated for a short period several years ago. It’s also possible that he does know it but didn’t want it to stop him from releasing his new album just before the holiday season. (Who wouldn’t want the new Styles album in a stocking, am I right?) 
But okay, let’s bite. If fans are correct and that Styles is dropping subtle clues here, what does the clue mean? A possible Swift collaboration? A sign that, after years writing songs for one another, all is finally well between the exes? What would be the point now
Someone ask the traffic lights because I don't know.

Whatever the truth is, until either party opens up about Fine Line’s release date, we’ll have to assume that December 13 is just another day for Styles, even if it’s a massive reason to celebrate for Swifties.

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