Kit Harington Joined A GOT “Throuple” With Jason Momoa For Emilia Clarke’s Birthday

Photo: Marc Piasecki/WireImage.
Game of Thrones might be over for good, but the spirit of Westeros is still alive. On Friday night, Emilia Clarke received a visit from her GoT co-stars — and her character’s former love interests — Jason Momoa and Kit Harington. It was a rare public appearance for Harington, who has kept a low profile since the show ended in May and he went to a wellness facility. 
In Clarke’s own words, “reunions never looked this hairy.”
Say what you will about Daenerys and Jon Snow, but Clarke and Harington definitely have one of the show’s sweetest off-screen friendships. “I think we’re good mates because we, maybe more than anyone else, know what the other one’s going through a bit,” Harington told Esquire earlier this year.
Since the GoT finale, Harington has laid low. He checked into a Connecticut wellness facility in May for issues related to exhaustion and alcohol. After leaving the rehab center in June, sources have said the actor has been spending quality time with friends and with his wife, fellow GoT actor Rose Leslie.
In a July interview, Clarke expressed support for Harington’s decision to spend time at the facility. “Kit was incredibly open about how he felt about the end of the show for a very good reason,” she said in an interview with British news program BBC Breakfast. “He’s brilliant at what he does...because he put his heart and soul into it. So yeah, encouraging that kind of behavior across the board I think will just make it better.”
Clarke’s relationship with Momoa is equally adorable — for his birthday back in July, she posted a similar smiley shot, calling her on-screen husband “#moonofmylifemysunandstars.”
According to Clarke’s Instagram, her 33rd birthday was an incredible one. While on a press tour for her upcoming rom-com, Last Christmas, she received a total of 33 pain aux raisin — one of her favourite treats. And her best friends dropping by, even though Momoa had a very important SNL cameo to prepare for the next day? There’s no sweeter present than that.

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