Is Selena Gomez Using Instagram To Tell Us The Lyrics To Her New Song?

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Selena Gomez hasn’t been singing much lately, but that may be about to change. She recently confirmed that new music is coming, but a series of Instagram posts may hold clues about Gomez’s new song lyrics or titles, and she’s definitely teasing something ahead of the expected October 23 release date.
But could she be telling us something else? Like...the words to a new song?
Gomez has been posting childhood and throwback photos on Instagram, each with one-line captions. In one film photograph, dated May 4, 1998, Gomez is the archetypal brooding teenager, with the caption, “Me, all the time.”
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Me, all the time

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In another post, Gomez is a toddler with a cute smile and giant brown eyes that take over the image. “I gave my all and they all know it,” Gomez wrote in the caption.
She also posted a cryptic video, which may be teasing a longer music video. It shows a flashing movie theater marquee, with the words “I saw the signs and I ignored it”; the blinking lights eventually burn out as a car drives by. It looks like an homage to artist Jenny Holzer’s marquees where she posted “truisms,” like the iconic “Raise boys and girls the same way” and “Men don’t protect you anymore.”
Finally, Gomez posted a new black-and-white photo of herself with a soft smile, captioned, “Made her more of a woman.”
Taken all together, in chronological order, the series of image captions seem very much like song lyrics or titles. They are:
“Me, all the time
We always go into it blindly.
Rose colored glasses all distorted.
I saw the signs and I ignored it
I gave my all and they all know it.
I needed to lose you to love me.
You promised the world.
Made her more of a woman.”
On Twitter, Amazon Music teased that a release may come very soon, writing “RETWEET IF YOU WANT NEW #SELENAGOMEZ #WeAlwaysGoIntoItBlindly #RoseColoredGlassesAllDistorted #ISawTheSignsAndIIgnoredIt #SelenaIsBack.” These hashtags match up her with image captions. Is Gomez turning her song titles into Holzer-style declarative phrases? We’ll find out soon enough.
Gomez's single, “Lose You to Love Me,” will be released on October 23. 

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