Wait — Is Prince Harry Dropping A Collab With Twin Ed Sheeran?

Photo: Shutterstock.
In a crossover no one expected, the U.K.’s two most famous redheads are teaming up to collaborate in honour of World Mental Health Awareness Day. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex teased the project Wednesday morning with a seconds-long video of Ed Sheeran casually ringing a royal doorbell.
“Hi, mate,” Prince Harry says in the clip, and then, under his breath, “It’s like looking in a mirror.”
“Do you mind if I bring the cameras in?” Sheeran asks. Harry waves the crowd inside, and the video closes out with text reading, “Tomorrow: 10th October.”
Royal sleuths online are speculating that the house in the video is not Harry’s, but is Ivy Cottage, the Kensington Palace home where Princess Eugenie resides with her husband. Behind Harry, there appears to be an image of the princess on her wedding day.
Despite the physical resemblance, Sheeran and Harry haven’t made any public appearances together until now. Sheeran expressed an interest in performing at the Royal Wedding in 2018, but the gig went to guest DJ Idris Elba instead
It makes sense, though, that these two would join forces on Mental Health Awareness Day: Ed Sheeran has spoken about his struggles with anxiety, and fighting the stigma against mental illness has always been important to the prince. In 2017, Harry founded the nonprofit Heads Together with Prince William and Kate Middleton. The same year, he opened up about the toll his mother’s death took on his mental health, sharing that he had seen a therapist for his grief. Harry has also spoken up about his experiences with panic attacks and encouraged those suffering from anxiety, depression, and other conditions to seek professional help. 
“Rather than running around at 50 percent capacity, imagine if we could run around at 100 percent capacity,” he said at the time. “Imagine what we could achieve.”

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