We Can’t Get Enough Of Selena Gomez’s New Extra-Long Hair

Photo: JB Lacroix/GC Images.
Just when you thought you'd follow Selena Gomez's lead and opt for a shorter cut this fall, the star goes and does the exact opposite. After debuting a curly lob and fresh set of sombré highlights on Instagram just two weeks ago, Gomez is seemingly already done with the look, swapping out the clavicle-length cut for extra-long extensions.
Fans noticed the change last night, when Gomez was spotted on Instagram while out celebrating her choreographer and friend, Charm La'Donna. In the photos, it's clear that the singer's curls have been replaced by 20 inches of long, lightly balayage-highlighted hair, which you can catch a glimpse of on Gomez's BFF Raquelle Stevens' Instagram Story.
This sudden change isn't out of the ordinary for Gomez, who frequently toggles between her short hair and back-grazing extensions, but that doesn't make the hairstyle swap any less exciting. Stan accounts are already praising Gomez's new look, with some even predicting it might be related to her forthcoming album. One person commented on a reposted selfie from Stevens' Instagram, "Sg2 hair concept." Another wrote, "I’ve missed her long hair. I feel like she’s always up [to] something good when she puts in extensions."
Up to something good, indeed: In early June, Gomez revealed during a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that her next album is done. So, where is it? No one knows just yet, but we're thinking the return of Gomez's long hair might be a clue that it's coming soon.

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