Sofia Richie Got An Expensive Set Of Wheels For Her 21st Birthday From Scott Disick

Photo: Denise Truscello/Getty Images/Wynn Nightlife.
Sofia Richie celebrated her 21st birthday with a lavish party, and Scott Disick’s gift to her was just as elaborate. Disick gifted Richie an Aston Martin, complete with a red bow on top.
Anyone watching the birthday girl’s Instagram story on Saturday would have no doubt seen the luxury car, as she posted multiple photos and videos to her story. An Aston Martin typically retails for at least $200,000, reports E! News. "Wow wow wow," Sofia wrote on the now-expired Instagram story. "Best bf award." Also on her Instagram story was a rose petal-laden breakfast spread from Disick to get her birthday started off right.
As if one luxury car wasn’t enough, it appears that the Aston Martin wasn’t the only car Richie was gifted on her birthday. The giver of the massive present wasn’t identified in her Instagram story, but it appears that Richie also received a new Range Rover. "New Range," she wrote on her story. "OK I'm good. #21."
Disick and Richie have been together since 2017, and since being together she has grown quite close to the Kardashian-Jenner family. Kylie Jenner even joined her to celebrate the big day. According to People, the two have become good friends. It seems like all the initial side-eying of Disick and Richie’s relationship has subsided.
It’s unlikely Richie has had much of a chance to drive either of her new cars around yet. She spent most of her big day getting ready with friends on a private jet and then at a massive celebration in Las Vegas, including a poolside party, a fancy dinner, and dancing away to The Chainsmokers.

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