Here's What It Costs To Honeymoon In The Maldives Like Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner

Photo: Todd Williamson/NBCU/Getty Images.
Newlyweds Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner returned to the Maldives to celebrate their honeymoon, and they couldn’t make it look more idyllic if they tried. Who wouldn’t want to get away to a quiet island, lounge in a hammock overhanging the ocean, and eat sushi?
After a brief break from posting on Instagram, both Jonas and Turner shared a few highlights from their honeymoon. We could smell the ocean air through our phone screens. Then, we realized that both of them had tagged the resort they were staying at. We couldn’t click through fast enough.
Soneva Fushi is “the original desert island hideaway in the Maldives,” according to the website’s landing page. “Spacious luxury villas are hidden among dense foliage on a private island.”
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You pick your villa by whether you want to be on the sunrise or sunset side of the island. Each have unique features. The sunset side is recommended for those wanting to do more activities, whereas the sunrise side is suggested for those who want a private, tranquil getaway experience. You can get a private one-bedroom villa with a pool starting at $1,431 USD per night, but if you want an even more luxurious experience, you can spring for the private reserve. It can house up to 20 people, has its own spa area, and a waterslide. It will cost you just over $20,000 USD per night, but when else do you get your own spa and waterslide?
The South Asian islands hold a special place in this couple’s hearts. Jonas and Turner first vacationed there on the nearby Coco Privé Island back in February 2018, reports People.
If the Maldives’ tourist board was looking for a way to get a bunch of Jonas Brothers and Game of Thrones fans to go on vacation, these pictures were definitely the way to do it. Let’s just all go and rent out the private reserve, blast their new Happiness Begins album, and have a beach day.

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