How I Got Over My Fear Of Wearing Leggings As Pants

Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Andrews.
Anyone who tells you that you shouldn't wear leggings is not your real friend. Just kidding — kind of, but leggings are the one sartorial comfort I'll always afford myself. I wear them regularly, layering leggings under dresses and oversize sweaters in lieu of jeans. But I never thought I could pull them off as pants.
I used to feel that my body wasn't equipped for that sort of look. You see, I have thick thighs — which I love — but tights always wear out in the inner thigh area quickly as a result. And, I have a small waist that leads to a perpetual gap in the waistband. In fact, I'd usually opt for a loose-fitting dress or flared skirt to cover my bottom half completely. Leggings could serve as tights to go under my dresses, but never as pants to wear alone.
So, when I went to Joshua Tree with Free People, and I opened my bedroom closet to find a Free People Movement crop top and leggings set staring back at me, I was immediately anxious.
The eco-friendly, 3-piece Econyl look was tiny, and I feared it wouldn't stretch enough to cover my curvy frame. Not to mention, we were planning to hike Joshua Tree, a picturesque national park in SoCal known for its rocky terrain. Could I walk around, much less hike, in a pair of leggings without getting wildly uncomfortable?
But, after two hours and three painful encounters with cacti (I'm still pulling spines out of my fleece), I changed my mind. One precarious photo shoot standing on a rock and I was convinced: I can wear leggings as pants. Read on for four things to look for when shopping for the perfect pair of activewear leggings.

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