Oprah Travels With Her Own Home-Grown Supply Of Avocados

Photo: Frennie Shivambu/Gallo Images/Getty Images.
Oprah is known to leave her garden with a more fruitful bounty than most city-dwellers will ever lay eyes on. She carries baskets brimming with leafy greens, tomatoes, multi-coloured potatoes, and, apparently, avocados. While we won't expect to see her selling the fruits of her labor at a farmer's market anytime soon, she might take said bounty with her on a flight.
Oprah was on the Daily Show last week when Trevor Noah asked her if, despite her exorbitant wealth, she experiences instances of “normalcy.” He asked if her phone ever ran out of battery while she was using it? No. Did she ever run out of toilet paper? No, she said, and she added that in her house, toilet paper is folded into a triangle every time it’s checked, hotel-style.
She did offer one fact about herself. “Something very normal that you wouldn’t think,” she said.
“I travel with my own bread and I bring my own avocados.” Oprah Winfrey, who has been known to have her favourite English muffins flown in from Napa, brings her own plane snacks.
But then came the twist: “So, I have my own avocado orchard because I think it’s ridiculous to pay for avocados.”
An avocado orchard is possibly the most culturally significant celebrity splurge of our time. In 2016, a severe drought in California was so bad that its impact on the avocado market was dubbed the “avocadopocalypse.” Last year, Trump’s support of proposed tariffs on Mexican goods threatened avocado prices (while also attempting to bar from America the very people who made avocados so massively appealing in the first place).
In her business-savvy move to acquire an avocado orchard, Oprah has ultimately shielded herself from future recalls, shortages, and potential avocado-market crashes.

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