8 Reasons To Mourn Jon Snow's Hair After Game Of Thrones Ends

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Jon Snow and his hair have come a long way since we first met the character during the very first episode of Game of Thrones. Back then, he was only a bastard with a fake beard; ten years and one death later, Snow has become respected throughout Westeros for leading the fight against the army beyond the Wall and growing one sexy man bun.
Unfortunately, Snow's hair isn't something we'll have for much longer. Come May 19 (or even before, gods forbid), we'll have to officially bid farewell to the Northern underdog — but not before reliving his impressive come-up. Despite what the late Ygritte famously said, Snow does know some things, and according to the last seven (soon to be eight) seasons, the King in the North could teach a masterclass in grooming a medieval beard. It must be that Stark/Targaryen bloodline.
Whatever his secret is, it's time to reminisce on his decade-long glow-up, regardless of whether or not he makes it the end. Ahead, see how much Jon Snow has grown — literally.

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