13 Tattoos That Will Keep Game Of Thrones Alive Forever

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
With the countdown to the end of Game of Thrones officially on, we're looking for ways to mourn the conclusion of the show that's occupied our Sunday nights for the better part of the past decade. While some people will spend the remaining six episodes of the series drinking wine and baking direwolf-shaped pies, you may want to consider honouring the show's final season the same way its stars did: by getting inked.
Just after filming officially wrapped last summer, several Game of Thrones cast members got tattoos inspired by the characters that gave them their big break. They paid homage to the show that landed them million-dollar paycheques and a few years living in Croatia; we, as fans, will be getting tattoos to keep the show alive long after the final credits roll.
Interested in ending the iconic series with a screening party and a few tattoos? Find inspiration for your first, or maybe fifth (we're not judging!), tattoo inspired by Game of Thrones, ahead.

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