These Celebrities Prove That Blue Eye Makeup Is A Must-Try For Spring

A lot of people refer to the '90s as the golden decade for style and beauty inspo, but with all due respect, we've got to give the early 2000s its props. After all, those are the years that gave us 100-layer lip gloss, the tiniest crop tops known to man, and a whole lot of denim. And then there's blue eyeshadow. Our favourite pop stars (like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera) wore it thick, pastel, and frosty — a technique that's unfortunately immortalized in many of our own embarrassing yearbook photos.
Recently, celebs have been bringing back the blue shadow — only this time in deeper, more modern shades of royal blue in a variety of shapes and finishes. It's the furthest thing from no-makeup makeup, and we couldn't be happier about it. "I think fashion trends are moving away from minimalism," celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose tells us. "You see bolder colours, prints and embellished items... so, in turn, you see fun, colourful, and decorative makeup like blue shadow really coming back in a big way."
Check out the coolest iterations of the trend, and how to pull them off yourself, ahead.

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