Cole Sprouse Says He & Lili Reinhart Are Just Fine “Existing” Together

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.
What are Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart doing? Are they dating? Are they messing with all of us, establishing an elaborate social media ruse to boost the Riverdale ratings? According Sprouse, who just appeared in GQ in a profile titled "The Second Coming of Cole Sprouse," the couple is just "existing."
"It's not something that we hide, or it's not something that we show off. It's just something that exists," Sprouse explained.
The camera-shy Sprouse has been loathe to discuss his relationship with Reinhart, who stars as his character's love interest on Riverdale. They eventually started appearing on red carpets together and popping up in each other's Instagrams, but the message has been clear: This relationship is for them, not us.
In any case, "existing" is the new "conscious coupling." Put that in your romance dictionary!

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