You'll Be Able To Binge Dirty John On Netflix Canada This Valentine's

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo/IMDb.
What’s better than flowers on Valentine’s Day? A twisted thriller with a terrifying ending! Dirty John, the tale of a charming con-man and sociopath (Eric Bana) who seduces and psychologically manipulates an unsuspecting interior designer (Connie Britton) drops on Netflix Canada February 14. Yeah, Netflix has a warped idea of delivering a love story on the most romantic day of the year, but we are HERE for it.
Based on the LA Times podcast of the same name, Dirty John follows the true events that are basically every single straight woman’s Tinder nightmare come to life. John and Debra’s real-life online romance turns dangerous after a quickie marriage and a string of deceit. It’s a harrowing cautionary tale for the digital dating era. Plus, they had me at Connie Britton.
Dirty John was released on Bravo earlier this year but with this release, it may be the latest show to get the “Netflix bump,”or a whole new set of viewers to obsess over it. So, cancel that Tinder or Bumble date (he’s probably a sociopath anyway) or curl up with your Valentine for your latest binge.
If you weren’t creeped out enough, the latest trailer for Dirty John is below.

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