Into Horoscopes? Spotify Just Made Your Life Way Easier

Spotify wants us all to be that person. You know the one — horoscope lovers, astrology devotees, Mercury-in-retrograde apologists. The streaming service is letting everyone embrace their love for astrology by curating custom playlists based on horoscope signs.
The decision to do so is just short of genius.
Here's how it works:
2. In new browser page, look for your sign and click it on your "Cosmic Playlist." (Don't know what yours is? Check here.)
3. Voila! The music you were destined to listen to is right at your finger tips in a customized playlist.
Spotify worked with astrologist Chani Nicholas to bring the signs to life, and the service tells Refinery29 that the track lists will be updated monthly. Just like a monthly horoscope! As someone who enjoys both hearing new music and blaming my bad attitude on my daily horoscope, I had to take the new feature for a whirl. Since I'm a cusp baby (May 21!) I usually flip-flop between signs based on my mood (a very Gemini thing to do). I found that both the Taurus and Gemini playlists struck a chord (music joke!) with me. Taurus was a little hipper, while the Gemini playlist felt slightly more nostalgic. The former transitioned from The Internet to Sampha, while the latter strung together Rilo Kiley, Coldplay, and Frank Ocean.
If you are a bit of a skeptic (a very Taurus thing to be), then allow Nicholas to explain the purpose of the collaboration. "You can use it for inspiration. You can use it for healing. You can use it for reflection. You can use it for your own personal morning dance party," she said in a recent interview. "It’s a collection of theme songs for your month, astrologically speaking."
So, if you felt burned by Spotify dredging up your most embarrassing guilty pleasure listen, then consider this the streaming platform's 2019 apology.

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