American Apparel Has Returned & So Have These 10 Classic Pieces

After — let’s call it a brief fashion time-out — American Apparel has made its comeback.
Now under Canadian ownership, the company has recently relaunched as an online retailer with a strikingly familiar design, product range, and advertising campaign.
Not in the mix this time around is former CEO Dov Charney, who, let’s not forget, made headlines with multiple sexual harassment lawsuits, masturbated in front of an interviewer, and was ultimately booted from the company. Not long after, American Apparel filed for bankruptcy and eventually closed all its stores in 2017.
While American Apparel was once like a greasy slice of 3 a.m. pizza — you know it’s bad, but also nothing less than amazing — the company says it’s committed to ethical business practices, and using models of diverse sizes and skin tones who are over the age of 21. (Read our interview with American Apparel's marketing director about what it was like to relaunch the brand in the #MeToo era.)
What does this resurrection mean for the stretchy-Spandex loving crowd? The return of iconic deep-V tees, drawstring hoodies, and night-out bodysuits. So turn up your indie music and check out these 10 American Apparel classics that are back for round two.

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