Movie Haunted Houses You Couldn't Pay Us To Live In

Word to the wise: If you discover that you’ve inherited a large, beautiful mansion in the middle of the British countryside, get the place exorcised before moving the whole family in. If a real estate situation seems too good to be true, that’s because it probably is. That large beautiful mansion with oodles of fireplaces and windows probably has ghosts, in addition to having “good bones.” When you think about it, there’s never been a sprawling house in movie history that isn’t haunted.
Of all the horror movie genres, haunted house movies hit a little bit too close to home (sorry). Unless your house is brand new, someone else inhabited the very walls you currently do. Someone else marked their kids' growing heights on the kitchen wall, someone else slept in your bedroom. Your house has its own stories left over by previous owners, which you inherit along with its basement and attic.
Here are cinema’s most unforgettably haunted houses — and how a real estate agent would try to sell them on you. Let’s hope the previous owners of your home or apartment were more pleasant than the ones on this list.
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