In The Latest Episode Of Expecting, It’s Mikala Vs. Mikala

Pregnant women face no shortage of opinions, whether they come from strangers or doctors. But sometimes, the most vocal person a pregnant woman has to argue with is herself. In the latest episode of Expecting, part of Refinery29’s comedy channel, RIOT, Mikala debates whether she should stay in New York or move back to Minnesota. As it turns out, she's of two minds. Literally. City Mikala is pretty laid-back about raising a kid in NYC. After all, what else is she going to do? When suburban Mikala suggests leaving the city, her alter ego retorts that it would lead to a life of having to choose between “the near Chili's or the far Chili's.” Then again, living in the city might mean exposing the baby to someone jerking off in a hip beer garden. Both versions of Mikala can agree on one thing, however. Whether the baby becomes a scary city teen or a suburban pill-popping one, the teenage years are going to be hell. Oh, and they are definitely not moving to an ashram. Watch the video, above, to see the entire hilarious debate.

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