Share This Hypnotically Soothing Video With Your V-Day Sweetheart

Sweethearts, the universe's favourite message-emblazoned candy, have been the go-to Valentine's Day treat since 1866 — though our deepest nostalgia for them obviously springs more from elementary school card swaps, circa 1995. But if the Sweetheart has undergone a few pop culture updates over the its long, pastel-tinted reign (I certainly don't remember "Bae Mine" from back in the fifth grade), the process for confecting these cheekily demonstrative delicacies has remained pretty much unchanged since the turn of the century.
For more than 100 years, Necco has produced Sweethearts in the same factory, mixing obscene amounts of sugar with cornstarch, various flavorings, corn syrup, and cotton-candy coloured dye to create the basic mixture. Once rolled and stretched, the dough is stamped with a notorious blend of sultry or coy phrases, which have expanded to include "LOL" and "Text Me," while old school classics like and "Be Mine" or "Sweet Pea" still feature prominently, of course. Spoiler: seeing the dough get pressed into plump, pillowy heart shapes by the factory's cutter will almost certainly be the most satisfying thing you watch today.
Watch the video above to be lulled into a state of true Valentine's Day bliss as the Sweethearts glide through the factory, and don't forget to share it with boo, too.

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