Womanizer’s New Sex Toy Is A Clit Sucker For People Who Hate Clit Suckers

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We take our job of road-testing the latest and greatest in sex toy tech very seriously. So when Womanizer announced that its best-selling clit sucker toy was having a (major) upgrade, we elbowed our way to the top of the review list. The toy launched on January 30, and after a month of trialling it in secret, it's replaced all other external stimulation toys in my collection.
Suction vibrators are often favoured by people who don't like anything too inserty, prefer a mess-free sex toy, or just want to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This toy does all of that, while also being whisper-quiet and offering a ride that is best described as smooth. It's hardly surprising that the Next is impressive, because even though every sex toy brand under the sun sells a suction vibrator, it was Womanizer that pioneered the 'pleasure air' technology 10 years ago, at a time when vibrators and insertable toys were the two predominant types of sex toy on the market.
With the launch of the Womanizer Next, $319.95, we're introduced to "3D Pleasure Air Technology", which not only creates a sucking sensation using air, but also allows us to control both the speed and depth of the suction — a first in sex toy technology. Other suction toys operate on a single depth, but the Next has three, so you're able to control the pressure at all times. It also has a brand new inner chamber of airflow, which allows for a slower pulse rate of as low as three pulses per second (for context, its predecessor, the Womanizer Premium 2, $299.95, pulses at a minimum of 20 per second).
This extremely low pulse rate is immediately noticeable when switching the toy on. As one reviewer noted on the Lovehoney website, the vibrations start off extremely lightly, to the point that it isn't immediately obvious when the toy is on or off, or when it's placed properly over the clitoris. That said, once you ramp up the speed and depth, you definitely know it's there.

Stronger, longer lasting and utterly consuming!

Many clit sucking vibrators have a percussive quality (IYKYK), which can either turn you off or on, depending on your preferences — but this toy doesn't have that sensation. Rather, it feels like a smoother vibration that changes the experience altogether, and might make it more appealing to anyone who usually hates a suction vibrator.
The pleasure air technology in the Next makes it feel like the vibration is wrapped around your clit — as opposed to beating down on it — and brings you to climax in a smoother and less abrupt way. In my opinion, this is what makes orgasms from the Next feel more authentic than most other vibrators I've tried, which whizz you to the finish line in a matter of two minutes, whether you like it or not. When using the Next, I've felt fully in control and like an orgasm isn't going to sneak up on me before I'm ready, plus, it doesn't leave me feeling overwhelmed or twitchy afterwards.
Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so, either. According to Womanizer, "94% of Next testers achieved orgasm when using the toy, and a staggering 80% reported multiple orgasms as a result of the gentler stimulation". Meanwhile, "70% reported more intense orgasms, and 64% more special orgasms".

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like a machine; it’s very natural and intense.

The other benefit of the smooth 3D pleasure air is that it feels more versatile than other suction vibrators I've used, which only work (read: feel good) when applied directly to the clit. The Next can be moved around more, and used to stimulate other parts of your body, plus, it plays well with lube and doesn't get all slurpy and weird (again, IYKYK) when you do add lube into the mix. Other pluses are that it is almost completely silent and only starts when it makes contact with your skin, plus, with 14 intensity levels, it can be as gentle, or powerful and intense as you'd like. It's also waterproof, which makes for easy cleaning.
If you're a long-time lover of suction vibrators, the Womanizer Next is a worthy upgrade in my opinion, but be warned that it might take a few goes to fall in love and it probably won't replace your current toy, if you love how it feels — it just adds another option. At first, I wasn't sold by the newer and more subtle sensations, but after a couple of uses, I personally haven't even felt the desire to pick up a single one of my other toys. As Tobias Zegenhagen, Chief Product Officer at Womanizer, puts it: “If you think about it in terms of music, I would say that if the original pleasure air technology can play single notes, 3D pleasure air can perform an entire symphony."
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