The 5 Best Surgical Face Masks, As Voted By Reviewers

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As parts of Australia are still feeling the effects of coronavirus, face mask restrictions and guidelines have become a part of everyday life.
Since the outbreak started back in 2019, doctors and health officials have consistently recommended wearing face masks. Research shows that the main vehicle for COVID-19 transmission is respiratory droplets, so by wearing a mask, you'll not only help to slow the spread, but it'll go a long way in protecting yourself and those around you from catching the virus via couching, sneezing and exhaling, especially if someone you come into contact with is asymptomatic and unaware they're carrying it in the first place.
So, what kind of mask should you wear? While we all understand that a reusable cloth mask is better for the environment, and certainly better than no mask at all, the fit and construction of a medical-grade, surgical face mask provides better protection against a strain as transmissible as the Omicron variant. For this reason, surgical masks are also encouraged in hotspot areas.
Ahead, we've rounded up the highest-rated medical-grade, surgical face masks on Amazon so you can feel better protected against this new strain. Plus, they're also handy to store in your car, handbag, or office draws to incase you or others forget a mask.
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